Communication product and solution provider HFCL Limited has announced integrated support for Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming. This support will be applicable across their entire IO portfolio of Wi-Fi products. The rollout makes HFCL the first Indian company to do the same. This support will be available for all global customers looking to buy OpenRoaming-enabled Wi-Fi solutions.
HFCL has also demonstrated OpenRoaming use cases at the ‘Wi-Fi & Delicensing of 6 GHZ: The Driving Force of Broadband for All’ seminar hosted on April 11 (today). The seminar was organised by the WBA and Broadband India Forum (BIF) in New Delhi and highlighted the importance of OpenRoaming and how it eases the life of end consumers.

What is OpenRoaming
OpenRoaming is a roaming federation service offered by the WBA. This service enables companies to provide their users with a secure and automatic Wi-Fi experience. It also scales roaming relationships, across the globe.
WBA OpenRoaming claims to create the framework to connect billions of users and things to multiple Wi-Fi networks globally. Deployed at over 1 million hotspots worldwide, the WBA OpenRoaming platform claims to have emerged as the standard for Wi-Fi network owners and service providers. This service is based on cyber security, cloud federation and network automation which also enables the function of roaming federation.

Importance of OpenRoaming
With OpenRoaming, HFCL promises to enable its customers “hassle-free, seamless, automatic, fully secure Wi-Fi onboarding and roaming services to their network users across different OpenRoaming enabled networks across different geographies.”
The idea behind this service is to create a world where users can access Wi-Fi anywhere without having to search for available Wi-Fi networks. Users also won’t have to worry about connecting to open-security Wi-Fi and going through complex authentication processes to do so.
With OpenRoaming, users can automatically connect to any Wi-Fi network that is part of the OpenRoaming ecosystem anywhere in the world and start using it immediately.