HFCL, a tech company in India known for communication products, is stepping up its game in defence technology. They’re diving into radar tech to meet the critical needs of Defence and Security Forces for Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). HFCL’s focus is on making radars that are super advanced and can do a lot of important jobs. Through their subsidiary, Raddef Private Limited, which they mostly own, HFCL has come up with a range of Surveillance Radars. These radars use a cool technology called Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW). This tech gives them an edge – they are super accurate, use less power, and are resistant to interference. The radars aren’t just limited to keeping an eye on borders; they can also help with weather monitoring and navigation. Plus, they are versatile, portable, and can handle tough terrains easily. HFCL is also working on a top-notch Drone Detection Radar, a key player in modern drone detection systems. Their ongoing research covers a bunch of radar technologies, from Doppler Weather Radars to Threat Emulators. These radars are like superheroes, playing crucial roles in various sectors and domains. HFCL’s Managing Director, Mahendra Nahata, has emphasized his company’s commitment to innovation in the defence industry. By putting a lot of resources into Raddef Private Limited, they’re showing how serious they are about making top-notch technology in India. According to a company statement, it is not just about business; it’s about being a reliable partner for defence communication. India is spending quite a bit on its military, and HFCL sees a golden opportunity here. They want to contribute and lead in the Indian defence tech space, aligning with the government’s Make in India Policy. This way, they can help the country modernize its military capabilities and make its defence tech innovations.