Who We Are

HFCL is a leading global technology company connecting billions of people, devices, and systems. For over 30 years, we have driven business transformations by harnessing the power of connectivity. We design, integrate, and deliver next-gen technology products and solutions. We believe in fostering innovation and collaborating with global partners to deliver accessible data network solutions to everyone.

At HFCL, we strive to be ahead of the curve and understand our customer's unique requirement, empowering them to stay ahead. Our highly dynamic, sustainable, and customizable product portfolio echoes this ideology, making us a preferred choice for adopting networks across a wide array of use cases.

A leading manufacturer of Optical Fiber & Optical Fiber Cables

Leading telecom equipment manufacturer

Delivering future-ready digital networks

Delivered largest Defence communication networks

Customers spanning 30+ countries

Advanced manufacturing facilities and R&D centres

Custom solutions for unique global needs

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Case Studies

New Horizon of Dhaka Transport Network

New Horizon of Dhaka Transport Network

Based on a World Bank assessment, Dhaka's average traffic speed has decreased over the past ten years from 21 kph...

Roll out of 4G network in partnership with marquee telecom provider

Roll out of 4G network in partnership with marquee telecom provider

From 2010, HFCL is engaged as an execution partner for the marquee telecom provider to build ...

Mauritius gets its maiden metro rail

Mauritius gets its maiden metro rail

Ever since the closure of Mauritius Government Railways in the 1960s, Mauritius remained without a functional railway system for long. Responding to increased car usage...

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Creating a transformational impact in the community

HFCL is a technology company that is committed to creating inclusive societies. For us, CSR is much more than a regulatory mandate and we continue to promote inclusive social development through HFCL Social Services Society (HSSS). The CSR interventions are centered on two core themes of healthcare and education.

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